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10 Marketing Lessons I Learned from KISS

Updated 5:39pm: New KISS Condoms are coming this month!

I’m a fan of Gene Simmons the business man. I watch his show, Family Jewels, because of it. Gene Simmons only cares about money – and according to a friend who knows him personally, Gene Simmons is also the biggest asshole to be around.

From MusicThinkTank.com:
Love them or hate them, there is absolutely no denying the influence that KISS has had on the music industry. KISS in the course of their 36 year career have sold over 100 million albums, has over 2,500 product licenses (coffins, condoms and credit cards), Gene reportedly earns $100,000 for a speaking engagement and don’t forget the longest celebrity reality series on TV, Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley get it when it comes to business.

Here are 10 Lessons I Learned from KISS at their School of Marketing:
All press is good press. – Going back to the very beginnings of the band they were trashed by the press. Check out this quote, “I HOPE THE FOUR GUYS WHO MAKE UP THE GROUP, WHOSE NAMES DON’T MATTER, ARE PUTTING MONEY FOR THE FUTURE, BECAUSE KISS WON’T BE AROUND LONG.” – SEATTLE DAILY TIMES, MAY 27, 1974. If you believe in what you are doing, in your music… don’t worry about the press. Everybody is a critic, everybody has an opinion.

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