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Dear Record Labels and Bands: Please Start Using BandCamp, Stop Using MySpace

As a booking agent, it’s frustrating to see bands still only using MySpace. And then to see that they haven’t even logged into it since October… ARRGGHHH! I can’t work with bands like that. How do they promote their shows? Below is an excellent lesson from MetalSucks on the importance of maintaining your online presence through an ever-evolving Internet landscape.

From MetalSucks.net:
There aren’t any reasons to be using MySpace in 2011. I suppose it can’t hurt to have a band profile there just in case someone happens to stumble upon it, but that’s about it; MySpace is a useless, out-dated, cluttered, piece-of-shit platform and there are better options now available. All bands and labels should now be using Bandcamp for their streaming music needs. Here’s why:

Less clutter. Bandcamp offers some level of customization for band profiles — colors, background, and an album image — but that’s it. And this is fantastic. Before the MySpace Beta relaunch, page designs had become so obnoxious that you might have had to scroll down four page-lengths just to get to any content, and the design has always been cluttered and confusing. Bandcamp keeps it simple by not allowing for much customization, but just enough to make a band’s page feel personable.

Read more HERE.



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