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Tunecore: Annual Renewal Rates Increase 150%. OMFG.

Tunecore has raised their album renewal rates from $19.99 to $49.99. That pisses you off doesn’t it? Here you are – a starving artist – and these motherfuckers – who clearly only care about money – have screwed you. Right?

Wrong. Keep reading…

There’s been some rumblings among musicians about this seemingly sudden rate hike. However, it was Tunecore co-founder Peter Wells response that brought understanding to the situation.

Among the upgrades / cause for rate increase:
• the ability to give away a song for free in exchange for an email address
• delivery of a .PDF booklet bundled with a release

Very cool. These are the two best features that more artists need to take advantage of.

They also list something about MySpace. Yeah… “MySpace” and “Improvements” in the same sentence in 2011. Weird, right?

Kindling for the Tuners (people who insist Tunecore is ripping artists off), offered this little factoid: “The average Tunecore artist only makes about $178 a year, which is not that much. I guess the consolation is that Tunecore is growing and had revenue of $250 million in less than three years.” Sorry, folks – but Tunecore has the right to make a ton of money because their product provides an excellent service to many artists.

What they should have done: On the day this went into effect, every artist should have been contacted with the news, offered options and a public forum to discuss it in.  The new rule #1 for good businesses is to listen to the thoughts and opinions of your customers. But because they didn’t do this, and because it’s so easy to go negative, Tunecore has put themselves on the defensive as digital money-grubber.



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