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Social Networking is Not My Job Because I’m an Artist

Every week I hear the tails of woe from bands who are exhausted from maintaining their social networks. “There are so many”, “It’s hard to keep track of them all”…. etc. I of course am confused by this because it’s not nearly as difficult as some artists make it out to be.

Today I came across this excellent article on Music Think Tank by Ariel Hyatt. In it she mentions Amanda Palmer (The Dresden Dolls, solo artist) and her strong work ethic. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Amanda and can verify this first-hand. The article details three very basic ways todays artists must utilize:

1. Your Newsletter
2. Your Product Line
3. Your Polls

Every day I correspond with bands. And with each confirmed show, the band receives an email which not only details set times, load-in’s and ticket price, but also a link to the Facebook events listing as well as multiple promotional opportunities (all of which are free). Surprisingly, or maybe not (?), an overwhelming number of bands simply won’t take advantage of this. Why? What could possibly be the excuse for not wanting to promote a show that will showcase the music you helped to write?

Is it difficult to maintain a few social networks to help promote your band? No – not at all.



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