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CBS Interviews: Downtown Brown

Back on tour in support of their latest album, Grabbleton’s Beach, Detroit’s aggressive funksters Downtown Brown brings the fun factor back to hard rock music.

How’s the tour going? Have fans been receptive to the new album?
The first run we did on the new album was amazing… people missed not having us around… having not toured in almost a year and a half.

After rolling (and destroying) your previous tour van a few months back, have all other challenges on the road seemed minor?
You could say that.  A near death experience makes many aspects of existence seem minor in comparison… to say the least.

What’s your favorite song to play live?
The ones we haven’t played 8 million times.

Are you much of a gearhead?
Not at all… are you talking like cars or musical equipment?  I don’t know shit about cars and I owe guitar center over 1,000 dollars for all the stupid pedals I’ve bought over the years.

The band just celebrated 10 years – how would Downtown Brown 2001 rate Downtown Brown 2011?
“We’re not famous enough” – DTB circa 2001 when asked to rate DTB circa 2011

Over the years the band has maintained a professional and well-informed web presence. How important has this been to the bands success?
we just see what other bands do and try to do it…. but more betterer

The ‘sound’ of Downtown Brown is recognizable to any fan, yet the band is able to move between styles and genres without getting caught up in a specific label. Is this the result of collective influences or more of a desire to satirize something specific?
It’s just cause we’d get bored playing the same type of music… and I grew up listening to so much different shit.  I would shoot myself if I had to play ONE GENRE of music night after night.  BORRRING.

Your latest video, “She Cries Everytime the Wind Blows” is fantastic all around. Great song, great cinematography. How did that video come about and who pitched the famous monsters theme?
That’s all Colin Duerr, the director.  He’s the most talented dude in Detroit.

As a band touring on its own dime, which promotional tools have you found to be the most beneficial?
If you would’ve asked me five years ago.. I’d say MySpace….  now it’s Facebook. 5 years from now it’ll be something different.  Whatever connects people to the bands/things they like… is the most useful tool.  The Internet – there ya go – that’s my answer.  The Internet is the most beneficial promotional tool on the planet.



One thought on “CBS Interviews: Downtown Brown

  1. Love Downtown Brown! Can’t wait to see them in Lansing.

    Posted by Quimmer | June 9, 2011, 3:02 pm

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