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Do You Need a Manager?

Most Bands that succeed beyond the local level eventually do so with the aid of a manager. What does this person do, aside from collect a healthy cut of the money? We interviewed two NYC managers and one publicist with different experiences in the local scene to help us understand…

Bands often complain that good managers are very hard to find. What about bands? Is it any easier to find a really good band today in NYC?
JIN (independent manager – Good bands are extremely hard to find. The hard part comes in combing through the myriad of bands to find the one band you can get along with and believe in 3000% percent.
Perry Serpa (publicist Good Cop – There are great bands and great managers all over NYC. You have to define “good” though, really. To some potential managers “good” in is the marketability of the artist and to the bands, a good manager ranging from someone who will help book them to someone who will exclusively get them a deal.
KIP (manager, Magnum PR – Hell no, i get a lot of garbage in the mail!!

Perry, what’s the difference between a manager and a publicist?
P: The publicist essentially does one job, which is pitching their client for opportunities in the media and fielding requests from said media. Managers do a lot more in terms of different tasks. Sometimes their job entails everything from getting their artists deal to getting their artists drugs and everything in between. Both manager and publicist are clinical psychologists.

Is it essential to have a manager? When should a band start looking for one?
P: No. My feeling is that a band should only seek out a manager when they get so busy that the business threatens their ability to actually make music.
J: If you are an amazing band, you will have no trouble finding someone willing to invest his or her time in you. That’s just the way it works. Focus on making good music.

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One thought on “Do You Need a Manager?

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