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Adding Music to Your Facebook Page

What good is your Facebook page if visitors can’t hear what you sound like? Here are some free options to fix that:

After installing this app to your profile, and assuming you’ve updated your ReverbNation profile, visitors to your Facebook page can view all of the important information about your band in a single strip. The layout is easy to digest and links to your other web and social sites readily available.  Also, fans can Share individual songs on their own profile.
Examples: Da Rezarekt, Nightmare River Band   

Pretty much exactly what ReverbNation offers. Same services, different company. The only noticeable difference that I can see is that more mainstream artists use this service.
Examples: Halestorm, Iwrestledabearonce

By far the #1 music app used by bands. The big plus to using this app is that it’s connected to iTunes and therefore has the potential of mass exposure. However the possible downside is that fans only get the music and a few search engine gathered video links.
Examples: Faith No More , Fools for Rowan

This service is not free (starting rate is $9 / month) and its Facebook app seems more of a promotional tool for them rather than you since Fanbridge’s primary function is the ability to send emails to your fans. With Fanbridge you’ll also have the ability to update all / most of your social sites at once (which is impersonal and strategically a bad idea). Sorry, Fanbridge.
Example: Sarah Fimm

Two things before you get started though:
1. Make sure you have a band page that folks can ‘like’.
2. Don’t make me have to ‘like’ you before I can hear the music.



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