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How to book a local show for your band

Just before you hit the send button – read the email you’re about to send a club. Does it truly represent your band? Here are a few tips to help you get the gig:

Include a link to your pages on Facebook and ReverbNation. Facebook because we want to see your ‘likes’, and ReverbNation because we want to hear your music.

Include a cell phone number. Sometimes we call.

Mention upcoming shows and which other venues you’ve played at. We want to see how active the band is.

Visit the club. Odds are in your favor that the booking person will be at the club during the week and at least a couple of nights. We like to know who we’re working with. Your enthusiasm helps our enthusiasm. Also, visiting the club will allow you to better plan a show.

Have a 4 – 5 line bio. We’re not reading the 5-paragraph ‘how we met in college’ story. Tell us where you’re from and describe your style. And for all that’s holy, please do not say ‘a unique blend of…’.

Have an idea of which dates you’d like to perform. “We’re looking for something during the week of…”. Don’t expect a weekend slot if it’s your first time to the club. That’s not to say a weekend slot is impossible, but it’s standard practice to start new bands on a weekday. Yes, we’re sure you’ll draw better on a weekend.

Have a real website. [name of band].com. Not everybody is on Facebook and/or Twitter. Nobody is on MySpace.

Do not send attached files. We won’t download them. Your music needs to be online where folks can check it out.




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