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DIY Tip: Save Money Shipping Posters

Every week I receive a bunch of posters at the club. They’re folded, rolled or shipped flat in large envelopes. However, on this particular day, a package from Nick Young really stood out. He employed the use of brown paper bags.

“My first substantial tour as a solo act was back in January of this year and it was the first time I had ever shipped out posters to clubs in other states.  I had waited until the last minute to send out the posters (I like to do it about a month out) so it was December by the time I had them all ready to go.  I went to Staples and wouldn’t you know it, they were completely out of the correct size envelopes for the 11×17 posters I use.  Time was running low to get the posters out within a month of the shows so I decided to improvise ‘just this once’.”

“I found some plain brown paper bags from the grocery store, taped up the excess paper after folding them flat and discovered that an 11×17 poster ALMOST fit perfectly in one bag.  They were just a little too tall so I put a sort of “topper” on each bag, cut from another paper bag.”

“I’d say they take about a minute or so each to make but they are technically “free” (just ask for a couple of paper bags every time you go grocery shopping) and you save at least 75 cents for every envelope you make (even more if you don’t purchase them in bulk).  Anyway, on every subsequent tour, I’ve ended up continuing the practice and after playing upwards of 40 shows since January, it ended up saving me a pretty good amount of cash.”

Check out Nick Young’s music too:



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