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Your Music Magazine


Fearless Radio
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North Jersey
Jersey Beat

Buzz Bin Magazine

Cleveland Scene

Alternative Revolt

Deli Magazine
Hear the Scene
Jump Magazine
One Fan at a Time
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2 thoughts on “Music Scene Breakdown

  1. Hi,

    I’m confused at the premise of the site, and the hatred of cover bands.

    Anyone can write a song. Notice I didn’t say, ‘Anyone can write a good song’. But explain to me how you learn the musical craft without ‘covering’ a song like “Ode To Joy” your first days on the instrument. Heaven forbid a young guitarist likes Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn, learns their licks, creates his own music and to make money, forms a cover band as an avenue to introduce his own material. I’m sure you speak, write, and read the English language pretty well. However, if you would have only had 3 months of grammar, spelling, and speech class that wouldn’t be the case. Imagine how good music would be today if artists could all read, write, and play music proficiently.

    75% of kids I teach grab enough tabs off the internet to learn intros and start writing songs. Really. Aweful. Songs. A lot of these indie bands you want to promote are talentless music-industry cholesterol. People who haven’t taken any time to P R A C T I C E anything more than something they’ve written blindly and without ability.

    At the end of the day, a band playing ANY venue is there for one reason. Sell beer. Alcohol has a 300% markup. It’s just good business sense to learn cover material to show where your influences came from before playing originals, and to keep your attendance numbers up. I noticed most of the ‘Music Scene Breakdown’ locations you listed besides Iowa are coastal states. And most indie bands are only required to play a set (1/2 hr to 40 mins) or two with an opener. So, three things here… 1.) In Midwestern states and less populous areas, the clubs aren’t ramrodded unless a great band is playing. We just don’t have the body count out here in a state with just over a million people. 2.) People out here demand wider diversity in music. We play a G ‘n R tune, and 5 songs later might be Rascal Flatts. 3.) Bands are required to play 4 or 5 sets a night. Who besides Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Kiss has 4 hours of material? 4 hours! You just might hear some covers.

    I’d buy a shirt today that said “Bad Cover Bands Suck”. That’s no s**t. If someone has the balls to cover a Faith No More tune and suck at it. Then yes…! Please stop. My band used to cover Goldilox and Black Flag, and we got to open for Journey, Foreigner, and Cheap Trick to name a few. I’ll play covers and enjoy recreating the music I love along with the music I’ve created until I can’t date 24 year olds any more.



    Posted by Dave | October 3, 2011, 4:01 pm
  2. Furthermore….some musicians are simply not creative enough to write good songs but they can play the shit out of some cover tunes. Ease up on the cover bands. Just trying to play music and make a living. And…no matter how much you think you are cool, creative, introspective, deep as shit, cutting edge or whatever, most of your original stuff sucks. Just the truth. So go play it and enjoy it. Also, if a brother wants to cover some Billy Idol, shut the hell up and let him. Stop being the self important ass that you are.

    Posted by Overdrive Nation | September 24, 2012, 7:41 pm

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